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Network Inventory
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NetVizion Inventory detects, saves data and manages equipment and cabling of a telecom company.

NetVizion Network Inventory is one of key components of the NetVizion IT solutions. It is a mature product, tested and used by many telco operators.

Series Highlights

  • NetVizion IT Solutions offers several key products for telecom cable, mobile operators and carriers
  • NetVizion has solutions for Cable & IPTV, Network Inventory, Planning and Configuration, Billing & CRM, Provisioniong and Network Rollout Management
  • NetVizion offers Tools & Components for Workflow Management, Reporting, Data Modeling and Migration, Failure/Outage Management, Augemented reality and Floor Plans.

Key Features

  • Outside Plant Inventory
  • GIS functions and features
  • Inside Plant Inventory
  • Building Inventory
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