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NET-x TVMS Cable / IPTV monitoring System
Software application   /   NET-x TVMS Cable / IPTV monitoring System

Net-x TVMS Cable / IPTV monitoring


Net-x TVMS Cable / IPTV monitoring
The NET-xTVMS is the newest product in the family of NetVizion of IT Solutions. The NET-xTVMS is designed for Cable and IPTV operators to monitor their video TV offer from Headend to Regional Hubs. This 24/7 service assurance solution is based on the state-of-the-art NET-XXX series probes, to monitor 500, 300, 200 or 100 channels, NET-EVSR Enterprise Server and NET-NMSC Network Management System Client.

NetVizion Series Highlights

  • NetVizion IT Solutions offers several key products for telecom cable, mobile operators and carriers
  • NetVizion has solutions for Network Inventory, Planning and Configuration, Billing & CRM, Provisioniong and Network Rollout Management
  • NetVizion offers Tools & Components for Workflow Management, Reporting, Data Modeling and Migration, Failure/Outage Management, Augemented reality and Floor Plans.

NET-xTVMS Key Features

  • Scaleable architecture from 5 to 200 NET-100, NET-200, NET-300 or NET-500 probes adapts to small and large networks
  • Each NET-XXX probe monitors up to XXX IPTV and DVB-C channels
  • Video/audio quality of service is measured with over 30 specialized metrics, including TR101290
  • The NET-EVSR Enteprise Server scans each probe and collects their alarms
  • All Error and Alarm events have their intensity and number controlled by settable thresholds
  •  User interfaces via NET-NMSC Network Management System Client graphical interface
  • Optional NET-MOZC Mozaic Analyzer located at the headend allows live viewing and image analysis of multiple video channels with scanning through all.


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